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APES Pet Care Clinic
APES Pet Care Clinic
Helping pet owners keep their pets healthy.

Keeping a healthy pet

This is our primary goal at the clinic. 

Keep your pet fit and healthy, APES is not just dedicated to the exotic species but all animal life. We are a team of trained and qualified staff are here to help people who lack the funds just to get a consultation to speak to a vet to see if it is a common issue or to confirm that a VET is needed. 

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Success Rate

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Our Services

Here is some of the services we provide.

Reptile Services

Invert Services

Dog Services

Cat Services

Health Care Plans

Faecal Testing

Book an appointment for consultation with one of our doctors

Non-Profit Charity

We are a non-profit charity dedicated to animal welfare of all types and species. 

Helping Low Incomes & No Incomes

We charge small fees to help keep our services going, we would like to give the service for free but if we did we would not be able to continue to the work we do. 

Animal Welfare Is Our Top Priority 

We are not here to judge, we just want to ensure your pet is healthy and safe, and that you have the knowledge and support needed to achieve this.