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APES Pet Care Clinic
APES Pet Care Clinic
Helping pet owners keep their pets healthy.
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    Our pet care clinic is currently being manned by our experienced and compassionate Animal Welfare team. This dedicated team of experts has been specially trained to answer any questions or concerns that pet owners may have, and to provide top-notch care to all animals that come through our doors. Rest assured that your pet friends are in good hands with our team, who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the clinic. We are proud to have them on board and look forward to continuing to provide excellent care to your pets for the foreseeable future.

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    APES Pet Care Clinic

    Helping service users keep their pet healthy, checkups, plans and much more.
  • Provided By APES

    Our services are provided to you by a non-profit charity. All fees help to run the rescue and our services. 

Excellent Pet Care Services

Our Best Vet
Emergency Call Help
APES Consultations
Our Best Vet

Finding it hard to find and Exotic Vet?

Rutland House is one of the few vets in the Merseyside area that has a exotic vet. 

Emergency Call Help

Rutland House Veterinary Hospital

In an emergency, please call 01744 853510.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when your pet might need emergency treatment. It may have been in a life-threatening accident or your pet may have developed a sudden illness which needs urgent care.

This can be very distressing but here at Rutland House we are proud to have a 24-hour emergency care service at our hospital. Should the situation arise you can be assured that your pet is being looked after by our team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Evening Clinics - Rutland House Veterinary Hospital Group Clients Only

Consultation fee £114.48

Monday-Friday: 6.00pm – 8.00pm*

Out of Hours Emergency Service 

Consultation fee £188.48

Monday-Friday: After 6.00pm*

Saturday: All day

Sunday: All day

Bank Holidays: All day

* To non-member practice clients from 8.00pm, Consultation fee £224.10.

All prices include VAT

APES Consultations

We now provide consultations for people needing non-emergency advice and support. From skin irritations to, ear irritations, ingrowing claws and more we may be able to help without the need of a vet consultation. 

Medical and Health?

There is a fine line between health and medical situations. Not all situations need a VET or to pay out for a VET consolation. 

At APES Pet Care Clinic we charge a small fee to see and assess your pet by trained qualified staff. 

Please note we are not a VET but a way to verify if a VET is needed or home treatment can be done at the fraction of the price. 

Our Staff Have a Number Of Qualifications

Here are some of the qualifications our staff hold. 

  • Level 3 Award in Small Animal Care and Welfare
  • Level 3 Diploma Animal Welfare Officer
  • Level 3 Diploma in Animal Assisted Intervention
  • Level 3 Award for Pet Care in Retail
  • Level 3 Certificate in Canine Nutrition
  • Access to Higher Education Diploma (Veterinary Science)

Pet Care Clinic

The clinic is a first aid clinic, we do not do operations or invasive procedures. What we can do is; 

  • Assess and advise if veterinary treatment is needed. We can also refer you to the best vet possible for you. 
  • Perform health checks and advise you if you need to have something suspect to be seen by a vet. 
  • Flea & Worming Treatments
  • Claw Clipping 
And so much more, at a small fee to help to fund our rescue and services. 

Our Staff

Our staff are fully trained and qualified to perform the services APES Pet Care Clinic provides. 

Book an appointment for consultation with one of our pet care clinic staff.